Squbble and Beak  Masala Dosa Greek olive and potato stew 
Vajra Pie Sunflower, Herb and Potatoe Pie  Beans and Rice (vegan)
Vegetarian shepherd's pie Vegan 'goulash'  Light Veggie Soup (vegan)

Christmas Chestnut and Sweet Potato Pie

Chuck's Barley-Mushroom Winter Borscht

Easy Curried Chickpea Potato Stew (vegan) 

Tumeric Shepherds Pie (vegan) Chili Cheese Dip (lacto) Johnny's Potatoes (lacto)
The Potato Thing (vegan) Pistou - Hardy Vegetable Soup Jerusalem Artichoke and Potato Soup 
Cabbage and Potato Curry (vegan) Chilled Cucumber and Potato Salad  One-Bowl Semolina Seitan
  Eggplant and Almond Enchiladas  


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